A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Cyberpunk journalism investigation point&click.

Investigate and collect clues before confronting the leader of a mysterious cult-like organization, and unravel the terrible lies that have been spread for generations.

Credits :
Programming - Maus3rSR, Thorqueor, Kalarth
Script & original MC Character Design - Kalarth
Sound Design - Maus3rSR
City Level Design - Thorqueor
Graphical Assets & Animations - J.Mad

Music - Space Station Loop from the Ultimate Game Music Collection


Kult.zip 26 MB
Kult_Linux.zip 25 MB
Kult_MacOS.zip 41 MB


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I only see a splash the moment I open the .exe of the game, no matter where I click or what button I press nothing happen

Hey, sorry that happened, the windows .exe file runs fine on our end but I'm trying to reproduce the issue. Normally you should see the animation for the studio logo and clicking would bring you on the main menu. Could you let us know what OS you're using so I can try testing more ?

Win 7 x64 ultimate edition, I'm still having the same bug.

Wow, very nice art. Looking forward to try the game.